• If I could give 100 stars, I would. My family went camping nearby on Memorial weekend and stopped here to grab some lunch before heading home. They had a ton of choices and it was hard to choose because they all looked delicious. We enjoyed muffins, soup, coffee, and smoothies. It’s not often my three young kids can all enjoy a meal without complaint but this was one such meal.

    In the chaos of getting the kids all back into the car, I left my purse with my wallet, some cash, my ID, and my digital SLR camera in it on the back of my chair. I did not realize I’d left it until I was home an hour and a half away. Not only did the staff save my purse, but they went out of their way to contact me on Facebook since my phone number was not in my purse. They returned the whole thing back to me with everything intact. These guys are amazing people.

    You can bet I will be coming back here again on my next trip out near Silverdale!!

  • Great little spot with many vegan options. When I went, they had one type of vegan muffin left, a vegan brownie, a vegan soup, vegan sandwich, vegan poppers, and all of the smoothies and coffee can be made vegan. I got the peanut butter vegan and gluten free muffin, since I heard that muffins were their specialty. It was delicious! Perfectly moist, and just the right amount of sweetness (not too much.) I’ll definitely visit here again. The staff are super friendly too! I’m giving it four stars because I’m biased, and would love to see a place like this be 100% vegan 

  • Awesome place that I had no idea about. My co worker suggested it because my mom is up visiting and vegan. They had options for my mom, Grandma and I (and we all have different diets). They have good organic healthy food for everyone. I was truly impressed and will definitely go back. Not only good food but service was great!

  • What a fantastic place. Two smiling ladies immediately welcomed me and the atmosphere in the cafe was great. I was very worried that arriving 30 minutes prior to close would limit the muffin choices (would there be any left!?) but every flavor was available and I was able to choose to my stomach’s content  The chocolate zucchini muffin was ultra moist and I literally cannot wait for the next one so I’m about to dive into the banana chip! Hoping to see these goodies at the local farmers markets or Kitsap Fresh someday. Until then, I don’t mind driving to Silverdale – so worth it!

  • Amazing People, Great Muffins, Love the Poppers, Turkey Vegetable Meatloaf & Egg Salad Sandwich are my two favorite lunches I always struggle between which one I want.

  • Great small cafe

    Great people. Super busy and so I can understand if they were rushing an order. I have had nothing but good experiences in this place and great options for gluten free and vegan. The gluten free are not extra either, same price and even taste better!

  • Muffins and Poppers and chai, oh my!

    You will be amazed at how moist and delicious the organic muffin are. Grab a nutritious lunch, an espresso drink or chai tea. I love the “poppers”. They are bite-size and loaded with nutrition for a quick snack on the run. Vegan options available.

  • If fresh, wholesome food enjoyed with friends and family is your favorite way to eat, fuelrz is the place for you.

    Discover the flavor that Fuelrz has to offer.
    Business meetings, kids’ school activities, family obligations—with …Everyday Favorites · Perfect On-The-Go · Great for Every Occasion · Gift certificates available.
    Misty puts her heart and soul into the recipes, and her business. The staff is very accommodating, and they create a great atmosphere.
    Fuelrz is my favorite place to dine in Silverdale!

  • Healthy GF Breakfast

    OMG. This little tucked away café is a gem! I’ve never seen it before… across from the mall, behind Columbia Bank. The food choices were all appealing. Servers all looked excited about life. Very accommodating. Fast service. We had Scrambled eggs, chicken sausages, oat pancakes and berry bake. Delicious! They have a huge menu of moist homemade muffins, GF, Paleo, vegan … Baked on site. I took some home.
    This is my new “go to” when I’m in Silverdale.
    AND they have a smaller version inside the Gig Harbor YMCA!!!

  • Healthy and Tasty too? Whoda thunk it!

    I have to admit, I am a meat eater! And, when I won a Fuelrz drawing, I really started researching what they had since I had never been there before. I saw two terms that put me into full panic … VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE!!! Ahhhhh … a carnivore’s nightmare!
    But, being a gracious recipient, I stopped in, picked up my prize and gave them a try. Needless to say, I didn’t order the vegan or gluten free stuff. I DID get a selection of four different bran muffins and was pleasantly surprised. They were GREAT!! They didn’t convert me to a vegetarian, but they did convert me to a customer! I will definitely be back.

  • Best vegan muffins I’ve ever had in my life!
    My husband showed up five minutes after they closed and the amazing lady opened for him, got us our muffins and coffee,  and that was so sweet and she didn’t have to! Thank you, new customers for life!

  • Checked it out after seeing the yelp review. I was greeted by two very friendly ladies and they helped customize my smoothie order. It was amazing. I’ve had some amazing smoothies in LA and SD, and this one was right on point. Definitely recommending that everyone try Fuelrz out at least once!

  • Im someone with a very limited diet, three in particular restrictions being vegan (egg is fine for me), gf, and soy free. I just moved into town and finding this place was a gem. I go back tomorrow for another half dozen of muffins, they are too good to pass up. Staff was nice, place was clean and relaxed, and its informative without being overwhelming. Great place, certainly recommend! (GF Pumpkin chip my favorite)

  • I love coming here on my lunch break to get A supper yummy and healthy lunch and espresso.
    The muffins are so good!!!! If you haven’t checked out this little Silverdale cafe’, you should definitely come by!!

  • Ladies here were great and the food was very good, so many vegan options I’m glad silverdale has a place like this to offer!

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