Welcome to Fuelrz!

I’ve always had a focus on health and nutrition since I could remember, I started in the fitness industry at 18. Through the years I would rearrange a traditional meal to be better for you on many levels. I cooked for my family this way with out there knowledge.Keeping a healthy lifestyle for longevity is my primary focus, this continued into my fitness classes when I was creating a fiber muffin that tasted like cake though good for you on a nutritional outlook. Many of my students and running team went through many tasting stages until what we now know as the Fuelrz muffin.

I enjoy the opportunity to provide a multitude of treats that feel like a guilty pleasure but are quite the opposite. With my back ground I have also been fortunate to create clean eating dishes and baked goods for those with limited dietary restrictions. This has been an exciting area of creation. Seeing the joy in people’s eyes when they realize we can provide them with a cake, muffins and meals that they can enjoy is the greatest feeling of all.

I will be adding more in the comping days, please check back to read more on how Fuelrz started.